FTTx Telecom Services

Fiber is now gaining acceptance in the final frontier of telephone networks, the "last mile," the connection to the home. Many homes are still connected with aging, low performance copper telephone wire that cannot support connection speeds for broadband access.The costs of maintaining these old copper cable plants is also extremely high and increasing.

Phone companies, cities, utilities and commercial service providers are now realizing the best choice for upgrading the subscriber connection is fiber to the premises or home (FTTP, FTTH, or FTTx) although fiber to the curb (FTTC) or fiber to wireless (FTTW) may be used where appropriate. The possibility of delivering new services (the triple-play of phone, Internet and video) and low priced components for with new network architectures make FTTx financially attractive for the first time. Companies are committing billions of dollars to plans for connecting millions of homes and offices with fiber.