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Telecommunications and IT industry is globally going through a major transformation. The legacy infrastructures and products/services have become outdated. While major players have invested heavily to transition to the IP world, however most still face the challenge of fully realizing the transformation benefits as they continue operating in a hybrid environment.

In addition, the pressure from adjacent industries industries like media has marginalized industry profits and minimized improvement in its value chain.

Most of all the industry is pretty much operating under the old business model and organization structures. While a lot of work may have been done at a strategic level the industry has struggled to execute the strategy within its business operations.

This situation is restricting its revenues and margins, which is not encouraging for the shareholders. A leadership of execution is required to develop a new purpose and a better future for the customers, shareholders and the employees in the industry.

We have established NTC Digital to address this challenge and have the vision and the competence to establish new generation of telecommunication service provider, enterprise and public sector.